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“Great gear, great mics, great engineer!” 
Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Gomez, Paolo Nutini, Badly Drawn Boy, Feeder)

Equipment List

[ Recording ]
Protools HD3 Accel - running on 8 core Mac Pro. 
IZ ADA Converters -The sound of RADAR 
Logic Pro (for soft synths)
Avid Artist Control surface

[ Monitoring ]
Cranesing Avocet Master section
Miller & Kreisel - MSP 2510P Satellites & MSP 5310 Subwoofer
Yamaha NS10's
NHT Pro M-oos

[ Foldback - Headphone mix ]
Hearback Cue System
-Each performer has control over 8 channels of audio. Enabling them to change their headphone mix without waiting on the engineer! Feed by Digidesign 192 interface

[ Pre-amps ]

[ Outboard ]
Universal Audio
Dangerous Music

[ Microphones ]
2 Neumann U87
2 Josephson C42MP
3 Sennheiser MD 421 MkII
2 Shure KSM 141 - matched stereo pair SDC's
1 AEA R84 Ribbon
1 SE Voodoo VR2 Active Ribbon
1 SE 4400a LDC
4 Shure SM57
1 Shure SM58
1 Audio Technica 4033
2 AKG C451b
1 Audix D1
1 Audix D4
1 Audix D6
2 AKG C414
1 AKG Vintage D12E
1 AKG D112 

[ Plug-in effects ]
Line 6 
Sony Oxford
Bomb Factory 
Trillium Lane Labs 
Waves Gold Bundle
+ many more!

Various Effects Pedals by Boss & MXR
HHB CD Recorder

[ Instruments ]
Pearl DLX Professional Drum kit*
Steinbach upright Piano - by prior arrangement only.**
Fender Strat guitar
Gretsch 'Firebird' guitar
Martin D28 acoustic guitar
Spanish Guitar
Fender Precision Bass
Ampeg SVX Bass amp simulator
Peavey Classic amp
Line 6 Pod Guitar Pre-amp
Yamaha synth
Various percussion

* must be reserved for each session.
** Tuning necessary and charged at £60.